The Benefit of the Nazi Economics Policies for the German Working Classes

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The Benefit of the Nazi Economics Policies for the German Working Classes The Nazis brought in many economic policies but how much did they benefit the working class. Source 1 shows that the workers benefited as unemployment dropped by over half in two years. Source 3 supports this by saying 34 million became employed. Source 4 also supports this as the woman tells the men they have a job, a holiday and a shelter. Yet in source 1 we cannot be sure that the policies alone caused the unemployment figures to drop, they may have reached a peak and begun dropping no matter what happened. In contrast to this source 4 show workers didn't benefit as they're complaining about how they have 'backbreaking work, poor housing and bad food.' This shows workers didn't benefit from the Nazi polices as they had to work 'outdoors in all kinds of weather, shovelling dirt' for very little money. Thus although the workers benefited from a job and housing they suffered by doing a lot of work for little pay and living in inadequate conditions. Source 4 is a person remembering what happened and so may not be very reliable. He could make a mistake as to what was said or happened. It is from a book and so may have been inflated to make a better story also Englemann, was a Jew, so may be biased and so make things seem worse than they actually were to put Hitler in a bad light. Source 5 shows the percentage of food eaten in Germany decreased from 1927 to 1937. The percentage of bacon, which is the cheapest meat, dropped by 10.5%. Only Rye bread, cheese and also potato consumption increased which are all less substantial forms of food. Thus though the... ... middle of paper ... ...aft. However he did manage to get the support of women and many played their part in the Volksgemeinschaft yet the number of births did not rise as Hitler hoped. He stressed the importance of traditional Values in his community yet at the same time he encouraged divorce and brothels simply so he could have lots of Aryan children. Hitler Youth were loyal to him because they didn't now any other way, he indoctrinated them when they were young and easy to manipulate but even still there were those that were not loyal to him. The only real success Hitler had with the Volksgemeinschaft was the elimination of unwanted groups such as Jews and A-socials. Hitler did not successfully implement his Volksgemeinschaft, he failed to break down class distinctions between different groups and his beliefs often contradicted each other.
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