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There continues to be intense pressure on hospitals to maintain high patient satisfaction scores. As a result, health organizations continue to seek ways of improving patient satisfaction scores. CMS reimbursement is dependent on these scores. Safety is also a component of patient satisfaction. The Joint Commission Standards require safety goals to be set that involve direct nursing care. Examples of these measures are reducing patient falls, preventing pressure ulcers and enhancing medication administration. Also, patients are becoming wise consumers and the access to information is readily available, potential clients are aware these scores are available at their fingertips. As a result, many organizations are looking to evidence based practices that have shown a direct impact to the patient satisfaction scores. One of the practices is the hourly rounding protocol. Hourly rounding is a pro active approach has garnered positive results; its focus on patient centered care as led to notably improved satisfaction scores (Ford 2010).
Organizations began to implement the hourly rounding after a study which included 14 United States Hospitals. Results of the Meade, Bursell and Ketelsen (2006) inspired Lehigh Valley to implement hourly rounding into their care givers daily routine. The national study indicated a direct impact to patient safety and satisfaction as a result of a focus on hourly rounding (Meade, Bursell, & Ketelsen, 2006). Findings showed that hourly rounded impacted patient safety by a decrease in falls. The increase in Patient satisfaction scores was evident by an increase in satisfaction scores as well as a decrease in the usage of call lights. Consistency and having employee buy in directly impacts the success and com...

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...based practice. A thorough pre assessment as well as follow up was also completed. As a result of a dedication of this team, Lehigh Valley also had results that mimicked the results of the national study. These results give merit to the original study and as a result more and more organizations are incorporating hourly rounding into their daily practice.

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