The Belief System: The Aeneid And The Belief System

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The Aeneid and The Belief System
Much like the belief system in this day in time, the story of Aeneas and how he felt compelled to follow the gods and their direction, shows us that in any time period there were beliefs that mattered to all people of all cultures. In “The Aeneid” there are numerous mentions of gods and how their influence convinced Aeneas to travel until he had arrived in Italy and started the new Rome. Though today most of us only believe in one god and numerous gods, “The Aeneid” gives an insight into what Trojan life was like and how important the role of the Gods really was to the Trojans.
In the Story of “The Aeneid”, Aeneas speaks of how he escaped the burning city with his father and his son. He talks as well about the hearth gods that represent their fallen city. Confirmed by the gods that a glorious future waits for Aeneas in Italy, he sets sail with a fleet containing the surviving citizens of Troy. Aeneas relates the ordeals they face on their journey in this epic tale. Twice they attempted to build a new city, only to be driven away by bad omens and plagues. He also tells of his way to Carthage where he meets Dido. Even though Cupid has had a hand in the love relationship of Aeneas and Dido, Aeneas still feels that he needs to move
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Articles such as “Religion, Roman” tell that Roman religion was more of a performed ritual versus faith or deity. However, Virgil shows faith and deity more than rituals in his writing of “The Aeneid”. They also mention that religion and politics were closely related. (Religion and Roman, 1998) We know that political connections to religion exists in our current time as well. It is more so in Catholic religions such as the Pope and not in other religions like Baptist or Methodists but still it is, and has been around since colonial days and the early beginnings of

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