The Beginnings Of The Exploration Of Outer Space

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The beginnings of the exploration of outer space did not include women as being part of the plan. Like many fields of work in the history of the United States, women had to break down barriers and push their way into the space program. Makers: Women in Space, highlights the origins of women making their debut at NASA, and how women have become some of the most influential astronauts and scientists in American history. This film is ultimately a great resource that argues the case that women are as competent as astronauts as men are, because it outlines women’s role in the history of space and because it shows the success women had upon being allowed to enter the field. Firstly, Makers: Women in Space shows that women are successful astronauts through outlining the history of the space program, and how women emerged into this field. To summarize, the United States’ space program did not take off until President Kennedy declared that he was determined to put a man on the moon, and the U.S. decided to join in the space race against the Soviet Union (Makers: Women in Space). However, as the years progressed, women became more eager to collaborate with NASA and become a part of the space program that was revolutionizing America. Women were able to start out working for NASA in the computer department or as engineers; however, this was not enough for them. They wanted to be the actual astronauts, rather than work behind the scenes, figuring out the logistics for the astronauts. The problem was that President Eisenhower mandated that any astronaut had to firstly be a military pilot, and women were not allowed to be pilots, therefore making their goal impossible to achieve (Makers: Women in Space). But, as the fil... ... middle of paper ... ...t as capable as male astronauts. Therefore, showcasing success stories adds to the film’s ability to prove its point. To conclude, this film is able to argue that female astronauts perform equally as well as male astronauts through depicting the history of women emerging into NASA and through showcasing several success stories and noteworthy moments for female astronauts. Perhaps after watching this documentary, it becomes even more clear that the possibilities are endless for women in society, as they successfully proved the entire nation wrong in being able to become an essential part of the United States’ space program, contrary to initial expectations. This film succeeds in inspiring viewers through giving the hope that things can only continue to progress for women, and to continue to try to break down barriers, as the early female astronauts did.

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