The Beginning of the Slave Trade

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Under what circumstances did the slave trade begin? After the Bantu people migrated to numerous sections in Africa, this particular movement set the spread of agriculture in motion. From the 15th to the 19th century, the Europeans looked to Africa as a work force (slaves) to nurture their farms in the western hemisphere. As mentioned in our text, Traditions and encounters, “In exchange for slaves, African peoples received European manufactured products….” (p. 424). Furthermore, the Africans had experience in agriculture, which made the land profitable. How did the Islamic Slave Trade change the existing system? The Islamic slave trade involved taking slaves forcibly from Africa. The Muslim merchants were capturing slaves rather than exchanging them and transported the slaves by ships, which became a successful process. Our text notes, “…a system for capturing, selling, and distributing slaves had functioned effectively for more than five hundred years. In modern, this process is knows as trafficking. How did it change again during the Atlantic Slave Trade? The Europeans sla...
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