The Beginning of Unpredictable Future

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The minority class has condescended by the majority for a long time. The minority cannot give their opinion, aspiration, or idea. They just have one choice to follow the majority wants. They can get their own freedom as what they want. Because of this phenomenon, the minority has their own groups and lives together. People, who always get high pressure, will make something that can reduce the pressure. Someday, they will inverse the situation which they will control the world and the majority respect them. The minority has their own way to reach their dream of improved cloning research so it can be applied to humans. They use the previous research and develop it illegally. They kidnap the majority people to aply their research. They have some steps to reach their goal. They want the majority feels the ruination of their lives slowly. Firstly, they will clone people to spread virus. They clone people who get HIV, leprosy, sexual diseases, or another disease that can affect people easily. The minority wants to make the majority feels what they feel before, live in poverty, disaster, s...
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