The Beauty of Shakespeare's Sonnets

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In today's society, not many books or songs describe the true value of human relationships. Most popular songs and books are all about partying and doing things that make us forget about morals. However, if you were to read some of Shakespeare's sonnets, you would find that human relationship's are very much valued. By showing that friendship can mend a persons sorrows, that love could and should be immortalized, and that marriage between two individuals can be strong and true, Shakespeare's sonnets 55, 30, and 116 truly explain the real value of human relationships. In most of Shakespeare's sonnets, he appears to write about his insecurities in relationships, or his own self-worth. However, in sonnet 55, Shakespeare expresses a tremendous amount of confidence in his relationship by showing how much he values their love. This statement says that until his judgment day, when they are lifted into heaven, they will live in this poem, and in the eyes who read it. This sonnet truly expresses the real meaning of friendship because he is telling his friends that he wants to keep their memory alive forever. According to Ox quarry books Ltd, “Sonnet 55 shares a theme with that of many others, which oppose the power to verse death and Times cruel knife, and promise immortality to the beloved.” For example, in the two last stanza's of sonnet 55, Shakespeare states, “So till the judgment that yourself arise, You live in this, and dwell in lovers eyes” (Shakespeare). Shakespeare loves his sweetheart so dearly, he puts it in a poem, telling his beloved that when they pass on, their memory will live in his writing, and will be remembered by anyone who reads it. This shows how much Shakespeare valued his r... ... middle of paper ... ... or no one can help you? Well after reading about Shakespeare's sonnets, does it now occur to you that there are people such as friends and family who are always willing to help you through whatever it is you are going through. That is the power of love, and what makes up a true relationship. In Shakespeare's sonnets 30, 55, and 116, the meaning of what a true relationship is, and why it should be valued is expressed in a way that today's society does not express it. Love, whether it be through friendship or marriage is such a valuable thing in a relationship. Shakespeare shows his readers this through these sonnets. I hope now you too may understand the true value of a human relationship. Works Cited
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