The Beauty of Nature

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What makes nature beautiful? It was the summer of twenty eleven. My dad and brother and I were preparing for a long awaited trip to the cold, desolate country of Canada. My grandpa has a friend who has a fully furnished log cabin on a peaceful lake in the far north. They invited us to come and stay a week in their humble abode and enjoy some well-needed rest and relaxation, while appreciating the surplus amounts of fishing.
We started our long trek into the great unknown early into the morning. The car ride seemed like it dragged on forever, even more than it should have, due to the limited legroom and long stretches of bumpy roads. Even the occasional bear decided to distract us and waste even a bit more of our time. After many hours, many lunch and potty breaks, we had finally reached the mouth of the narrow, hilly road that would eventually take us to our destination. The road was so treacherous and dangerous that low speeds and four wheel drive was needed for the next ten miles. Then the road got even narrower and we had to take our supplies on four-wheeler another tw...
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