The Beauty of Language

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Your heart cannot be simply defined as an anatomical organ. Although it functions to pump blood throughout the body, the true essence of the heart is much deeper than science. The true essence of the heart lies somewhere within the limitless realm of art; submersed in the passion that runs through your veins, it fiends desperately to be admired. My heart is filled with a love for writing. Besides writing to complete tasks and assignments, I write to unveil the beauty of language. This beauty, created simply with words, meaning, and punctuation, is one that is uniquely crafted by its author.

I, like many writers, have learned what it means to truly craft a piece of work. Before entering college, I had become accustomed to writing one draft essays. I never appreciated or understood the need for multiple drafts and peer review. Interestingly enough, in my Introduction to Rhetoric course with Dr. Mary Lamb, we discussed the difference between one-drafters and multi-drafters. One-drafters, as the name might imply, usually complete writing tasks in one shot. They revise and edit during the writing process and oftentimes consider their work to be complete; multi-drafters, on the other hand, write multiple drafts of their work and are continuously revising. As I have learned, neither writing style is necessarily better than other. This is because both types of writers are actively thinking about ways to better their work, whether it is by correcting grammatical errors or creating new ideas. Needless to say, I was a devoted one-drafter, but for some of the wrong reasons. I was always convinced that my first draft was always my best work. This was mainly because I did the majority of my revising and editing while writing (as I am doing ...

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...elpful start to building my professional writing career.

With each of these projects, I was given at least some, and in many cases, a lot of flexibility to be creative. I learned the functions of different types of documents and audiences. I now appreciate and understand the significance of rethinking my work and allowing change. I know that there is always room for improvement as every writer strives for some kind of perfection. Since entering college I have definitely witnessed my growth as a writer. I understand how words, grammar and usage each play a part in the meaning of language. However, as I continue to write, I know now that the true essence of writing comes from the heart. It is the passion that guides language; although the brain allows us to function, it is the heart that keeps us alive; and my heart while forever be filled with a love for writing.
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