The Beatles Were An English Rock Band

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The Beatles were an english rock band who were formed in the 1960s, based in Liverpool. John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr were the members of the beatles. They became the most influential act of the rock era. To be called the most influential act of the rock era to me, it would have me crying and feeling accomplished. That I could influence people just because of something I love to do is amazing. That would be amazing and I would never stop doing what I love until I physically can not do it any more. In the early 60s the beatles popularity emerged as Beatlemania. They built their reputation playing around clubs in liverpool and hamburg. That was for a 3 year period and then there hit “Love Me Do’ took off in the United Kingdom. They acquired the nickname “the Fab Four” as Beatlemania grew. By 1964 they were international stars, and they were leading an invasion into the american pop culture. After that they blew up and started producing songs that we would still listen to today. Born on July 7, 1940 in Liverpool, England, Born as Richard Starkey. We know him as Ringo starr was known for his easygoing personality. Primarily the drummer but Starr also sang and wrote songs for the group. At age of six, Starkey had an appendectomy and then contracted peritonitis, forcing him to live at a local children 's hospital for 12 months while he recovered. This put him considerably behind in school, but just as he caught up (with the help of a tutor), he was diagnosed with tuberculosis, and spent the next two years in a sanatorium. The way he started to play the drum is because the staff at the hospital wanted to distract their patients and they had the patients form a band. From then own despite musical talent h... ... middle of paper ... ..., Little Richard and Buddy Holly, had purchased his first guitar and taught himself a few chords. John Winston Lennon was born on October 9, 1940, in Liverpool, Merseyside, England, during a German air raid in World War II. At the age of 4, Lennon’s parents separated and he ended up living with his Aunt mimi. Lennon was devastated when Julia was fatally struck by a car driven by a police officer in July 1958. Her death was one of the most traumatic events in his life. Elvis Presley’s was an inspiration to Lennon to create a band call the Quarrymen. "I don 't think you could have broken up four very strong people like them," Ono said later, "even if you tried. So there must have been something that happened within them – not an outside force at all." Indeed, the true causes were much closer at hand. The beatles break up was a shock to the music world and it was kind

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