The Beatles : The History And History Of The Beatles

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The Beatles were first introduced live on the television to Americans on the Ed Sullivan show on February 9, 1964. They became a very popular band in the sixties, and even after the band split, John Lennon still continued to write and play songs that influenced the world and became one of the world's very important histories. The Beatles were a legendary rock and pop group that formed in Liverpool, England in 1960. John Lennon met Paul McCartney in 1957. He invited John to join his music group. George Harrison met Paul in grammar school.Later, they discovered George’s talent of the electric guitar, and he was invited to join Lennon's group, The Quarrymen (News, CBS). George Harrison joined them in February of 1958. Later in time, they started experimenting with different type of music styles. The Beatles became the most popular band of all time (A&E Networks Television). In 1959 they played regular gigs at a club called The Casbah. They were joined by vocalist Stuart Sutcliffe and by drummer Peter Best, whose mother owned The Casbah club. Early embodiments of the band included The Quarrymen, Johnny & the Moondogs, and The Silver Beetles. “Their first name was “The Silver Beatles” (Maria-Elpida Flessa). John Lennon made the band's final name, The Beatles. The Beatles toured in Hamburg, Germany. There they were joined by Ringo Starr, who previously played with Rory Storm and the Hurricanes. After achieving success with that band in the UK and Hamburg, he quit the Hurricanes and joined the Beatles in August 1962, replacing Pete Best. The Beatles became the most popular band at all time. From their beginning, The Beatles were innovative and unusual for their time. Until their breakup in 1970, they were one of the most influenti... ... middle of paper ... ...instruments and encouraging other groups to do the same like Nirvana, The Beach Boys, Billy Joel and many others. They rarely sang other people's music because they had so much content. Many other groups which followed were inspired by The Beatles. They set trends for music and style for many years. Over the years, The Beatles have made a huge impact on music and music history because they were willing to try things that were new and different. They will never be forgotten (News, Daily). The Beatles had become one of the most famous band ever of all ages, and their songs have influenced many people in writing songs and living a better life. John Lennon’s song “Imagine” had became one of the most well-known single ever; the song expressed Lennon’s feeling of wanting a better world. After his death, John Lennon and the Beatles became a major milestone in history.
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