The Beatles: The History And History Of The Beatles

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The Beatles weren’t originally the Beatles and didn’t originally consist of Ringo, John, Paul, and George. This famous British band began on July 16, 1957, on a makeshift stage at St Peter’s Church village in Woolton. John Lennon was preforming here with his band called the Quarrymen. At this time the sixteen year old Liverpudlian had met a young boy called Paul McCartney which resulted in John recruiting Paul into the band. In February of the following year, Paul introduced John to a very young boy called George Harrison. After Paul’s pleads, George began to play the song “Raunchy” for John while they were all on the top of a double decker bus in Liverpool. Because of George’s fantastic performance, he was recruited into the Quarrymen with John and Paul. The Quarrymen began their first transformation as a band at a coffee dance club called the Casbah. Here was where the Quarrymen changed their name to become the Beatles and where their reputation in Liverpool began to enlarge. The next year, in August, the now Beatles moved to Hamburg for a gig at The Indra and on February 9th of 1961 the Beatles preformed at the very popular club called The Cavern. The Beatles quickly were titled as the most exciting group in Liverpool and ended up playing over thirty gigs a month. From 1961 to 1962 the Beatles gained a loyal following of local fans. At one of their performances, the Beatles catch the attention of a man by the name of Brian Epstein. Brian was so amazed by the band that, on February 24, 1962, he had them sign to a five-year contract with him. August 18, 1962, is when the Beatles gain the one and only Ringo Starr after losing Stuart Sutcliffe to a brain hemorrhage and firing their past drummer, Pete Best. The four boys begin the l...

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...cCartney Houseware Collection, Mary, who is a photographer like her mother Linda, and Beatrice, who is Paul's youngest is still just a child and has no career yet. Sadly Dhani, Julian, and Sean have been fatherless for quite some time. George Harrison had died after going through throat cancer in 1998, having a fan break into his home and attacking him and his wife Olivia with a knife resulting in him getting treated for a collapsed lung and minor stab wounds, and in May of 2001 his cancer returned and lung surgery had to be preformed. The doctors discovered that the cancer had spread to his brain. He traveled to the United States for treatment and eventually landed at the UCLA Medical Center in Los Angeles where he died on November 29, 2001, at a friend's house with his wife and son at his side. (George Harrison Biography-Facts, Birthday, Life Story-
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