The Beatles First Ever At The United States

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The Beatles were one of the most influential groups of their time, and still this day. They had official formed the four-man group that is recognized today in 1962 consisting of George Harrison, Ringo Star, Paul McCartney, and John Lennon. Although this group was first very popular in their home country, the Beatles didn’t become popular in American until the 60’s. In fact, the Beatles first ever visit to the United States was on February 7th 1964 landing in New York. The Beatles did a total of three tours in the United States and then they went their separate ways. The first member to announce that he would be going his separate way was John Lennon, in 1969. John Lennon was one to be known being outspoken and at times controversial. Although John Lennon was still loved and supported by many people, but there was one person who had become a little too obsessed with John, and his name was Mark David Chapman. Mark David Chapman was originally born in Fort Worth, Texas. He was raised by two parents and only had one sister. It was claimed that what might have messed up from the beginning, was that his father was abusive, and feared by the rest of the family. This made things harder for him and while growing up he always had issues with fitting in with another kids, and began acting out. He had also turned heavily into different drugs like marijuana, heroin, and LSD. It wasn’t until he was sixteen there was a sign for hope, he had said he found god, and became Evangelical Christian. Although this path of clarity was short lived because he started to become paranoid, depressed, and contemplated/attempted suicide. The two different attempts he made at suicide, in which he both failed at. It wasn’t until after the second failed attempt he... ... middle of paper ... ... on December 14th people about 10,000 people had gathered around John Lennon’s apartment to show their respect for him and his family. They had even gone as far as raising the flag at half mass at his apartment. The Beatles will always be a group that will be remembered for their great work in the music industry. As group they came together and released thirteen albums and starred in two of their own movies, which were Help and Hard Day’s night. They were always known for their outspoken ways, untraditional interviews, and of course their infamous long hair. They even were able to create “Beatlemania” which was just an obsession period, and at each recorded concerts there can be seen multiple girls screaming, basically losing their minds. Although they lost John Lennon by assignation, and George Harrison to cancer, the Beatles memory as a group will forever live on.

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