The Beatles Essay

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Music is a major part of entertainment in the world. Throughout life, people are introduced to many types of music, artists, and bands. One specific group, however, is far more different from the rest: John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, and Ringo Starr, or better known as: The Beatles. The Beatles were, and still are, the most famous and biggest rock band in history (Infoplease). Most people would know them for their fame, but there is much more to the band and each individual of the band than what people really know. (
The Beatles began their music career by signing a manager, Brian Epstein. After they signed Epstein as their manager, Epstein was successful in getting the boys a record contract in March of 1962. The producer, George Martin, liked what the boys played, but he liked their sense of humor much more. With that, Martin chose to sign the band to a contract for one year, but he suggested a drummer for all of the studio recordings. The boys, John, George, and Paul took this as an advantage to fire the original drummer, Pete Best, and he was soon replace by Ringo Starr ( In September 1962, the band slowly started to rise with fame in the UK with their first hit single “Love Me Do” with “P.S. I Love You” on the flip side. However, their first single wasn't the record to skyrocket their music career; it was their second hit “Please Please Me” that did the trick. Their fame, then, began to take off in the early months of 1963. After their big break, the band decided to record a full album and spend most of 1963 touring Great Britain ( Even though the Beatles took over Great Britain, they still have yet to make it big in America; the boys looked at that as a challenge, a challenge...

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...ecorded his comeback album (“John”). George Harrison, after the Beatles, had a solo career and was a film producer: Handmade Films. Harrison was also a record producer. As his years passed, he was diagnosed with cancer and died November 29, 2001 at the age of 58 (“George”). With the death of the Lennon and Harrison, McCartney and Starr are the only Beatles left.
Even though the Beatles are not together anymore and some have passed away, their music still lives on in history; they are still the most famous rock band in the world. The Beatles made a prodigious contribution to the music industry and have influenced lifestyles of many generations and popular culture. With their songs that revolve around on love, help, peace, and imagination, they didn’t just impact music, but they managed to impact human history (“Biography”). All in all, the Beatles are a true legend.
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