The Beatles Case Study

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Introduction Summary
The web-site is to inform people about The Beatles and their career, it also informs about the “murkiest aspects” of The Beatles. It includes the Manson Family Cult and the correlation with The Beatles. Such as Helter Skelter, Manson indicated an apocalyptic race was would ascend between blacks and whites. The target group is mainly for adolescence and adults readers; hence they comprehend cults more than children. This web-site is important because it informs people about the arising and history of the Manson Family Cult. And why that cult was so harmful during the time of its popularity; also how there is a possibility that it exists nowadays. Accessed April 21, 2014.
The different tabs include home, history, people, songs, discography, albums, features, books, map/gallery, and fab forum. The home tab provides an overview of the page, such as history and facts from today. Anything that occurs today concerning The Beatles is posted. The history and people tab include the history of The Beatles and the backgr...

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