The Battle of Saratoga: The Turning Point of The American Revolution

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The Battle of Saratoga: The Turning Point of the American Revolution The Revolutionary War is enshrined in American memory as the beginning of a new nation born in freedom. (The Saratoga Chamber of Commerce, 1999) On 17 October 1777, the surrender of the British during the Battle of Saratoga proved to the world that the American Army was an effective fighting force. The American victory at Saratoga was a major turning point in the America’s fight for Independence. This victory also resulted in needed military support from European powers, particularly France, against the British Empire. (Worcester Polytechnic Institute, 2006) The major factors that led to the British downfall during the Battle of Saratoga were their lack of intelligence collection assets, American versus European tactics, harsh terrain, poor logistic, and American resolve. The American Revolution erupted in 1775. The American Revolution erupted in 1775. It seemed clear the British would win due to their larger army, and unrivaled Royal Navy. Many of the British were hardened veterans who fought in the French and Indian War. On the other hand, the Americans had undisciplined militiamen who had never fought before. The American Navy was small and was no match for the Royal Navy. The state of the army did improve with the leadership of George Washington. The Americans believed that they had a strong chance of success. The American’s unlike the British, were fighting in their homeland to protect their families, and perhaps more importantly they were fighting a popular war for their independence. The British strategic goal of 1776 was to invade New York with two armies and eventually unite their New York invasion force with British forces based in Cana... ... middle of paper ... ... the resulting stalemate created the conditions for peace, which was negotiated in 1783 by the United States, Britain, France, and Spain. Works Cited Furneaux, R. (1971). The Battle of Saratoga. New York: Stein and Day. Gragg, R. (2011). By the Hand of Providence. New York: Howard Books. The Patriot Resource. (1999). The Patriot Resource. Retrieved March 25, 2012, from The Saratoga Chamber of Commerce. (1999). The Battle of Saratoga. Retrieved March 24, 2012, from WOOD, W. (1990). Battles of the Revolutionary War 1775-1781. New York: Da Capo Press Inc. Worcester Polytechnic Institute. (2006, October 9). WPI Military Science: Battle of Saratoga. Retrieved March 25, 2012, from
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