The Battle of Bunker Hill

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On June, 17th 1775 began a fight between the British and the Americans, it took place on Breed’s HIll. In Charlestown Peninsula, North side of Boston Harbor, this battle was the bloodest of the Revoltionary in America. The British Commander, Lieutenant General Thomas Gage, Major General William Howe. There were about 2,400 troops being lead by Major general Howe. The British wore light clothing they wore Red coats, headgear, bearskin caps, and caps. They had light guns they carried muskets and bayonets the very heavy guns was helpful to them on the ground. The Americans commander was Israel Putnam, there were 1,500 American Troops, the clothing they would have wore would be shoulder belts, cartridge boxes or some would choose waist-belts made of canvas or leather. The higher officers would wear a short hanger or sword, they would usually keep muskets or light fuels on them while they was on duty. Over 1,200 troops that is was being lead by William Prescott towards Bunker Hill, But after the soldiers ran out of Amo they hurried back away from Bunker Hill. The amount of people lost just from that attack were 226 killed and 800 wounded. after all that the British had brought more over 6,000 men. Around 3 pm Howe was wanting to attack but A few hour later hims was ready so he opened fire. This Battles costed the Americans 115 men killed, 305 men wounded and 30 men held hostage. Later on gathered together from New Hampshire being under controlled by John Stark and James Reed. On June 16th Colonel William Prescott separated cambridge with over 1,200 men going across Charlestown Neck, But the British was was wanting to attack on June 18th. The Americans decided to wait for the British to be only 150 feet away when that came around a lot of the British were dead and wounded. But in 1775, George Washington came along and decided he was taking charge because he thought he knew what he could do to make everything better. During the Month of March, George decided to go put the cannon on top of a big hill higher so they can see Boston and aim it right at it, Washington even though they won he knew that this Battle still wasn’t over.

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