The Battle of Bunker Hill

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Taking place in 1775, at the start of the Revolutionary War, the Battle of Bunker Hill was a needed victory early in the war to get the soldiers to believe in themselves. Many soldiers in the beginning of the war did not believe that the lowly colonists could defeat and declare independence from a superpower; Britain. Although outnumbered and with little confidence, the continental army stood their ground at the Battle of Bunker Hill and proved that they could win the war.

The colonies were in a state of turmoil. They had to pay extravagant taxes, but they also were not counted as Britain’s “people.” The colonies tried to obtain peace with documents such as the Olive Branch Petition, but were refused many times. So after many attempts at peace and tolerating many unfair taxations plus having to house British soldiers without having a voice, the colonists rendezvous at the 2nd Continental Congress debated whether or not to attack the British Redcoats; they were sick and tired of having to tolerate this tyranny. In the 1st Continental Congress, the leaders of the colonies, minus Georgia, met at Carpenter’s Hall, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, in response to the Intolerable Acts passed because of the Boston Tea Party. The outcome was for peace, and so, King George was offered an olive branch. King George refused the proposal and the colonists became angry. On April 19 of 1775, the colonists’ minutemen and the redcoats, which were soldiers on the British side, clashed at Lexington and Concord. The first bullet fired was “The shot heard around the world.” The war had begun. On May 10, Ethan Allen and the Green Mountain Boys seize Fort Ticonderoga. Then after the Second Continental Congress on the same day, George Washington, the new...

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...nd and stood up to the full might of the British army and caused them severe casualties, the British finally acknowledged them and declared a full-out war. In the beginning, most colonists didn’t want to fight due to this battle, they were ready. They were ready to win the war and gain what they wanted the most; independence and a voice.

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