The Battle of Books vs. E-books

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In the wake of the emergence of e-books in the 1990s, the enemy of the traditional books swept over the whole world. Who will win in the battle, books or e-books? According to Nicholas Negroponte's view,the founder and chairman of the one Laptop per Child non-profit association and formerly co-founder and director of the MIT Media Lab, the traditional printing books will be cleared off our life in the future. However, a survey conducted by The Daily Beast, showed that no winner would turn up in the near future. Form my perspective, I figure that the battle will continue for a long time. I will elaborate the merits and demerits of both on three sides.

ConvenienceYou can download whatever you want and they will be delivered to your ereader device within minutes or seconds, like your Amazon Kindle or iPad,and the resource you can choose will give you a overall view of all kinds of books. Unless you are in a bookstore picking it up, no paper book can match the quick gratification of an ebook.Besides, in the aspect of portability, ebooks maintain the absolutely advantageous position. Yo...

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