The Battle Of The Civil War

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Not realizing how much had actually gone in to the history of the civil war, especially with history not being my best subject it was surprising to read the differences from what I guess you could say the confederate and anti-confederate side. The men fighting for the north or as they say “Yankees” I feel like forcefully won only because they used “guerilla tactics” (Freehling, pg.16). Meaning that they basically terrorized the community to prove their point, this essentially made them leave large amounts of groups behind which made it even more slower pace to advance in the war. Which I must admit was pretty smart, if you blow up basically every entry and exit of a town then yes it is a smart move to winning a war, but it did limit their amount of resource and their men. This is when they decided to bring in slaves and even with that they still lacked the amount the of resources, but those slaves that did want to help out did do so. Later to find out in the book that some of the people would much have rather helped the union, simply because they had the better resources. They had over an average of 95% of its resources already planned out for them, so why would one go against the union when you were going to have your life and everything you needed to survive off of. As time progress with the war they discover new and improved riffles or a “smoothbore which shot at eighty yards” which meant that would be less of the bullets would be used and more of a chance for someone to get shot. This weapon reduced the cost for those in need of quantities of them from “250,000 to just a measly 20$” (Freehling, Pg.23) Following the new guns they had came along with some new techniques to help defeat the opposing side and as stated in the book ... ... middle of paper ... ... or even later. This book like I mentioned did paint a more vivid picture as to what happened in order to get where we are now, not only did it change the lives of those in that period of time but it also changed the way we think of our nation and those around us. I say this because we people in our country went at war with us simply because of some differences that I truly believe there was another way around it but then again I wasn’t anyone or anything to stop this but if it would have never happened we would be just a plain country with very little history known to the average person. We as citizens do have the right to speak our mind and tend to retaliate when things do not go our way but that does not mean that we have to go at war with one another all the time. I feel like in the position we are now in that we will continue having a repeating cycle of history.

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