The Battle Of Monte Cassino

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The Battle of Monte Cassino was one of the most important battles fought in World War II. They were a series of four battles fought to gain the route to the Italian city of Rome for the Allies. From the military point of view, Monte Cassino was essential to victory. Culturally, however, the hill of cassino' class='brand-secondary'>Monte Cassino included an ancient monastery, which was used by the Germans and was important historically and religiously to the Italians living in Monte Cassino. The monastery was ultimately destroyed, but the Allies reigned victorious, gaining control of the route to Rome. Four battles took place between January and May, 1944.
The first battle fought for Monte Cassino started on the 12th of January, one of the worst out of the four. The Germans had constructed the Gustav Line, a line that crossed Italy, attempting to keep the Allies from Rome. The allies hoped that an attack by the 5th Infantry would quickly get them past the line, but their failure to cross meant that they were under constant counter attack. Instead of a rapid victory, the ally forces found that they were fighting a lon...

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