The Battle Of Human Rights And The Environment

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The Battle of Human Rights and the Environment is allowing conflicts to up rise between states, and individuals causing a stop in the development in all aspects of a nation. In the process of the growing population, loss of non- replenishable resources, and the ability to cooperate makes this a battle more than anything. As we push through all the bad within the environment we can still fix it for the most part for much damage has been done. We say we want to change the environment but put forth no effort. We always speak on behalf of what we want to do but no one wants to lead the way so that we can create the change we would all like to see. When a leader is appointed they just say what people would like to hear in order to get the position with power. Once receiving the position they do not want to live up to the responsibilities that came with it. We need to step up as a nation in order to keep livable environment. The environment is our source of life if we don’t take care of our sources and its needs we will not have any more life before we know it. The human population is growing every day at a rapid rate, about 220,000 people are added to this world every day. The human environment is forced to expand destroying natural resources allowing space for the people entering the world. Now as a population we constantly cut down trees, which causes the loss of rich and fertile soil. In the process of this we are causing deforestation and desertification. The resources used are non replenishable which causes an epidemic on whether or not we will have these resources in the future. As a human population, we have used over two-thirds of the natural resources. As the human race expands and we continue to grow we create new things that... ... middle of paper ... ...and states would help develop a plan to deal with the use of the non-replenishable resources we have. Everyone 's insight would be important to the process to understand every point and option possible. Contributing your perspective is a way to insure safety for many others and yourself. Cooperating is critical to the protection and management of the environment. Issues have up rises due to lack of cooperation like water contamination, untreated sewage, and air pollution. These issues are caused due to the lack of cooperation. We have created a pattern that we don 't understand ourselves and it seems to appeals to others, but the realization is that we are all hurting the environment and the only way to change it is by all coming together. With a steady pace of communication things will get done allowing the environment to be a better place and safer for all people.
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