The Band Three Days Grace

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Every work of art has meaning to it, whether the creator intends on the meaning or not. Many times, art is affected by the way the artist feels in addition to what the artist originally wanted to portray. This can go for any form or art including books and music. Music in particular can be deceiving, especially when you look at the lyrics as a whole. There are plenty of cases where the song will say one thing, but the listener can infer a different meaning. One case of this is with the band Three Days Grace, specifically the lead singer and songwriter, Adam Gontier. When Adam writes songs for a album, he appears to stick to a specific theme. The themes created through his music can create parallels to his life. Although Adam isn’t the only one that writes songs, the album One-X demonstrates a lot of Adam’s personal life. The Album One-X was created in 2006 and contains songs such as “Its All Over”, “Over And Over”, and “Never Too Late”(Mlinek). To make judgement of the meaning in this album, you first have to understand where Adam was in his life at the time. This is important because during an interview Adam goes to say that “album was much more personal to him because the material originated from his experiences with despondence, drug abuse, and rehab.” This was a very large part of his life for the two years prior to this album. In 2005, Adam checked into the Center for Addiction and Mental Health. During this time, Adam took the opportunity to start writing songs in his journal(Rock Riff). Now that Adam’s struggle with drugs have been established, we can clearly see what Adam’s mindset was when writing these songs. The first song of the album was the song “It’s All Over”. Out of all the songs in the album, this song looks t... ... middle of paper ... other to follow his footsteps. Shortly after treatment, his band, Three Days Grace, went on a free tour to many rehabilitation centers, in hopes to repay those that helped him with his struggle. During this tour, the band’s new album, One-X, was featured, as well as ample time for patients to ask Adam questions. Many times Adam would ask the crowd if you had “[t]hree days to put down that bottle, throw away those pills, make your amends, and move forward with living. How would you use your Three Days of Grace”(Cirque Lodge)? The Cirque Lodge is one rehab that Adam’s band has visited and even on their website, they have different quotes from the One-X album. Although it took the experiences of two years of drug addiction to produce this album, it is good to see that Adam departs from the band with the statement “I am sober. That chapter of my life is over”(MacNeil).
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