The Bad Father: The Negative Effects Of Bad Parenting

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Most children imagine their fathers to be loving and caring individuals. Maybe even believe that their father could walk on water if they put their mind to it. Some might picture their fathers sacrificing their time and dedication to do whatever is best for their family. Thinking of my father brings a sickness over me. Don't get me wrong, I love my dad, but the sequence of events he essentially brought up, upon my family is unforgivable and deep down in my heart I will always loathe him.
I have diagnosed myself with a form of “daddy issues”. Although it sounds a bit silly it is real, and it has negative effects on any child. Ultimately the effects on the child form who they are, and significantly forms their personality and why they do the
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For example, most kids who have had little to no father figure, usually are a rather poor father figure as well. My dad had a very poor childhood. His dad was a terrible father figure, he was a cheater and had some other rather poor qualities. My dad’s mother was very sick and she needed extra care and reassurance that she never received due to her husband's cheating habits. The marriage had ended and my dad blames his father for the way he destroyed their family. My dad grew up without a mother and with a little to no father figure. This is the beginning of my argument, my dad had issues with his father that negatively impacted him and in turn set forth, a set of lacking fathering abilities, thus in turn also making my dad also a piece of…show more content…
I avoided significant friendships, ones to share personal thoughts and feelings with. I am not alone, most children who lack significant relationships with either parent, have a troubled time creating friendships or connecting with others. Children in these particular situations feel as though they have little in common with others and there seems to something always missing. I personally made my family a secret and thus making myself very secretive, I felt as if I couldn't connect with anyone. This also created many more issues such as aggressive behavior towards the opposite sex at a young age. I despised boys and had limited relationships with any males. I thought boys were all stupid, but not the cute innocent way that little girls do. I thought that boys were evil and girls were
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