The Baccalaureate Essentials Tool Kit Development

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Introduction The Baccalaureate Essentials tool kit offers integrative learning strategies, resources, and opportunities for program enhancement that will assist faculty with the integration of the baccalaureate essentials throughout the nursing curriculum and also helps in the implementation of the essentials of baccalaureate education for professional nursing practice. This tool kit includes a review of the nine baccalaureate essentials, followed by integrative learning strategies, opportunities for program enhancement, web, links, AACN presentations, and references (American Association of College of Nursing [AACN], 2009) This article focuses on the critique of the tool kit of essentials of baccalaureate education for professional nursing practice. Rationale for Tool Kit Development Nursing is responsive to the changing needs of society and the expanding knowledge base of its theoretical and scientific domains. The essence of nursing practice is caring. The science of nursing is based on an analytical framework of critical thinking comprised of assessment, diagnosis, and identification of outcomes, planning, implementation, and evaluation known as the nursing process whereas the art of nursing is based on caring and respect for human dignity. Nursing requires judgment and skill based on the principles of the biological, physical, behavioral, and social sciences. Nurses are commited to their profession by utilizing their skills, knowledge, and abilities to act as visionaries, promoting safe practice environments, and supporting resourceful, accessible, and cost-effective delivery of health care to serve the ever-changing needs of the population. The outcomes are achieved in the essentials of baccalaureate edu... ... middle of paper ... ...ion today will determine whether those who come after us will be able to continue the tradition of professional nursing within the context of 21st century health care delivery. Hence the guidelines provided under the nine nursing essentials in this article will provide guidance for the nurses in their successful journey in the nursing profession. Critique of Nursing Toolkit/teaching Resource Criteria Extremely Somewhat Minimally Not at all Purpose is clear. 3 Information is organized and logically structured. 3 Information is evidence based. 2 Information is current, up-to-date. `1 Site is visually appealing. 2 Links to other sites and attachments are functional. 3 Site is easy to navigate. 3 Teaching strategies identified are useful for nurse educators. 3 I would recommend this site To other nurse educators 3

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