The Awkward Kid

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I was having another long day at school. The teachers were all making jokes about me passing out at school the weak before and none of them were sugar coated. All the kids were laughing at me anytime I stared day dreaming. That wasn't even the worst part of the day. I was on my way to second period. It was band. I always had mixed feelings on band. I wanted to play the baritone when I first started, but I discovered I couldn't use its mouth piece. I did however have an uncanny ability to use a woodwind instruments mouthpiece. I was given a choice. Clarinet or saxophone. I ended up choosing saxophone. Being in the begging band for a seventh grader was different. I had to spend the entire period with sixth graders. While it wasn't horrible, it got boring. The only good thing was spoiling all the surprises that they were going to get. After putting together my saxophone I went into our room. Since second period was shared with flute and oboe we had to go to a different room. On my way there a kid named Brandon pushed me into the wall and broke my only reed. He did it because we wer...

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