The Awful Side Effects of an Internet Addiction

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Four-hundred pounds of bed-ridden mass, but not ridden of the Internet. Wrappers cover the floor and flies cover the wrappers, but not enough to rid them of the Internet. The bed springs screech with each sudden movement, that is if they can move, but never do the springs fail so that they must rid themselves of the Internet. An asteroid from space could rocket into their front door, but even that, this one in a million chance event, could never get the addicted four-hundred pound man or women to rid themselves of the highly addictive Internet. As the bright light of the screen shines against the grease hanging off of their fat lip, they fail to see their self-harming ways. This is the abuse of a tool that can bring information to people like none other. The Internet is a tool that dictates much responsibility; responsibility that many fail to handle and thusly turns them into a generation of lazy people. Though the Internet is a great tool, it can be abused to an unconstructive and self-destructive point.
Everybody has experienced that moment at the dinner table where they were told by their technology-inept father to put away their phone. Who, in preparation of elderly senility, refuses to keep up with the times. The rare response is obediently stuffing their phone into their pocket, or there is the common crying as the phone is ripped from their hands by their still young and still capable father. The Internet is addictive and it does create unfortunate habits. Time at the dinner table is generally time spent with family, not a time to browse social media on the latest smart phone. The awful side effects of an Internet addiction are many: anxiety, depression, stress, social ineptitude, weight loss, weight gain, and sleep depriv...

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...ur hundred pound men and women, a lazy stay at home stepmother, and a worker that would rather browse the Internet than work are these lazy people. They are people who let the Web dictate their life; they fail at being responsible and being self-disciplined. Look up from the screen and smell the roses. If not that, get up and get some work done. It is healthier and likely more rewarding than wasting time on the Internet. However, do not believe that the Internet is all terrible; it has much to offer the world and will only become a more engrained part of our life. Get rid of the Internet, if just for a moment, and do something productive.

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