The Awakening And In Ruth Hall Essay

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Rebellious women in The Awakening and in Ruth Hall Kate Chopin’s The awakening and Fanny Fern’ Ruth Hall A Domestic Tale of The Present Time are both written about the women’s sufferings in the male dominated society. Both authors engrave women who perform the uncommon role in the society. The protagonist Edna, of The Awakening is a woman who is trying to discover her identity. She shakes the whole system of women’s role inn nineteen century, and distresses those who expects certain roles that women should play. She surprised patriarchal society by ignoring her role to play as a wife and mother. The idea of motherhood is very dominant theme of this book. Edna wants to live with her own identity instead of a mother of Raoul and Etienne, that dictate her identity as Leonce Pontellier’s wife Mr. Potellier. Edna started to notice her desire life of freedom and individuality contradict with the society’s expected role of mother and wife. She wants to break this law, and rebel against society’s and nature’ laws. She cannot skip her destiny, and cannot free herself from the repression of the society. Therefore she freed herself by suicide. In the social context of Edna one can separate herself from rest of the world, or can define to choose a life which is belong to male, and consider herself as subhuman. Adele Ratignolle is a ‘mother woman’, because she is personified as fixed wife and mother. Such women’ world is surrounded by her husband and children. She is a very brilliant pianist, and her private act, playing piano is for the purpose of her family. (Quote). Her frequent concentration on pregnancy seems improper to Edna. As if Adele is meant to be a mother, and she pleased to feel it. According to Edna, mother women are failing... ... middle of paper ... ... social environment, and by Edna Chopin demonstrates against limited choices for freedom for women. Her desire and belief rebel the society created norms, and her actions are great evidence that proves it. By living in a dark conservative society, Ruth also faces difficulties to sustain in the female role presses on her. She seems to get out of the system and tries to stand on her own. Avoiding social norms is tough and many times because of conservative repressive societal demands, but many women crave social change. Fern and Chopin portrayed their character to show us that not every woman can accepts their fate and suffers quietly. Many women rebel and come out from their prescribed social role. They try to listen their personal needs and desire, and they attempt to change their position rather than following the social pressure they cannot manage or control.
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