The Automobile Industry

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Ever since the industrial revolution, America has grown to become one of the world's leading nations. One of the reasons for that is because of one of the best innovations and historical achievements ever created, which eventually became known as the automobile. The automobile has changed and revolutionized the way we transport ourselves, but also our lifestyle as a whole. Hence, The United States was and still is one of the key shareholders of the automobile industry; However, that has been a roller coaster ride for the big three automakers of the US. The US automotive industry has seen various powerful brands of the past, such as AMC and Studebaker motors that have eventually been discounted due to economic problems or being …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that america has grown to become one of the world's leading nations since the industrial revolution. the automobile revolutionized the way we transport ourselves, but also our lifestyle as a whole.
  • Explains that ransom eli olds was one of the first engineers to successfully use the steam engine as a model for building automobiles, and henry ford introduced the assembly line.
  • Explains that the era following world war ii was a pivotal point for the u.s. auto industry.
  • Explains that the 1960's was the best and most iconic era of the us auto industry.
  • Explains the reasons behind the decline of the u.s. automobile industry.
  • Analyzes how political and economic issues led to the first recession of the automotive industry in the early 1980's. in the article, joel c. greshenfeld explains why the u.s. auto industry declined.
  • Explains that the u.s automotive industry lost most of its share stocks across the globe as their european rivals were enjoying the luxuries and sports divisions.

This led to an astonishing record for America by having almost complete control of the automobile market as the world's estimate record of 1968 measured 65% of the world's automobiles were American. Soon after the 1972 oil crisis as well as economic recessions were on the rise, which was one of the key factors for the decline of American automobiles. The American automobile companies entered 1970's with greater hope of dominance; however, with problems on the rise the future seemed to continue, but not for the better. Hence, in the Article "How the U.S. Automobile Industry has changed" by Mark Davis, he explains the causes of the decline of the U.S. automobile industry. Mark Davis an author for Investopedia Magazine and articles states: "Foreign-made, fuel-efficient cars gained a stronger foothold in the American market during and after the 1973 oil embargo and corresponding rise in gas prices in the wake of the Arab-Israeli war". As stated by Mar Davis, European and Japanese automobiles have won the hearts of Americans as they made smaller automobiles, with smaller engines, which helped people to travel without the extra cost. As the 1980's began, Both Toyota and Honda had factories in the United States, which gave them more advantageous to sell their vehicles in the U.S. The big three responded by making various smaller vehicles, and …show more content…

Entering the 1990's, the big three were the dominant in the SUV as well as trucks and pickup. The big three yet could not win the majority of the automotive audience's attention; which was the daily transportation cars. Hence, in the article "The decline and Resurgence of the U.S. auto Industry" by Joel C. Greshenfeld, he goes on to prove and show details of why the U.S. auto industry declined and what were the cause. Joel C. Greshenfeld explains "By the end of the 1990s, it was clear that the U.S. domestic manufacturers lagged competitors on quality, and Toyota in particular benefited with the fastest growth in market share." The author went on to explain the ways the U.S. auto industry went to try to compete with their foreign competitors; however, their efforts were not the best. General Motors went on to lighten the weight of their cars in the hopes of helping the mpg, while Ford Motors went on from making semi Steel and metal cars to help lighten their production. Hence, leaving Dodge-Chrysler to downgrade the size of its vehicles as well as co-working with the Japanese auto manufacturer Mitsubishi to help with the body design of their

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