The Author of the Star Spangled Banner

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Francis Scott Key
“…like most Maryland celebrities he is now a vague figure, his life eclipsed by one spectacular deed.”(McCoy 2). Although Francis Scott Key is a prominent name in our country’s history, just as author Victor Weybright states, he’s “famous” for only one reason. This is, of course, being the author our country’s beloved national anthem, The Star Spangled Banner. But the truth is, he was a lot more, as a lawyer, a district attorney, a member of the American Colonization Society, and a war veteran Key has made a much greater contribution to the making of our country then he is given credit for. And while the adoration and respect he is given for being the maser mind behind the anthem is well deserved, Francis Scott Key was much more than an author of one successful poem. His literary work, his law career, and his overall active life in society make him an essential role of American history.
On August 1 1779 a literary legend was born, and was named Francis Scott Key after his grandfather (McCoy 7). He grew up on his family owned plantation, Terra Rubra (National Parks Service). When he was ten he was sent to grammar school and would eventually go on to receive a Bachelor of Arts degree from Saint John’s College and give the valedictorian speech at his graduation (McCoy 16). This was all before he decided to study law under his uncle. He got married to Mary Taylor Lloyd and they had 11 kids (Biography).
During his life Francis Scott Key was very involved in all different kinds of organizations. For example, he helped run the Lancaster Society which helped give a free education to families who couldn’t afford it (McCoy 60). As a result of his religious passions, he belonged to the American Bible Society too (McC...

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... but all three of them had to stay on the ship until the British attack on Baltimore was over so they didn’t spoil their plan (McCoy 90-91). Beanes, Skinner, and Key then sat through 25 hours of bombings (National Parks Service).

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