The Australian Aboriginals are the Native People of Australia

Have you ever guessed what might have happened in the Australian past? The Australian Aboriginals are natives of Australia and have lived there for many years. The Aborigine people have roamed Australia, the free-flowing land, for years, developing many customs and aspects to an interesting culture: language, body painting, beliefs, laws, music, hunting and art. The Australian Aboriginals are the native people of Australia. They roamed the land for 40,000 years. The Indigenous Aborigines lived as nomads, hunter-gatherers, and “with a strong dependence on the land and their agriculture for survival (Ellie Crystal)”. The Aborigine ways of life were interrupted when Britain sent convicts to Australia. The Australian Aboriginal tribes have different ways of communicating. Most Aborigines are able to speak five different languages. The languages vary among locations and tribes. Aboriginal words are interspersed with the Australian English language. Some words are added into the Australian vocabulary (slang). Today the Aborigine language is spoken in mostly a form of English; it is spoken in standard Australian English (SAE). A tradition of the Australian Aboriginals is body painting; a form of body art. Body painting is an old tradition that has been passed down from generation to generation. It is worn especially at religious ceremonies and celebrations. Body art varies between different tribes and geographic locations. The decorations on the body have different meanings, significances, and distinct forms. The art includes symbols and designs and it is sometimes is used to tell stories. The Aboriginal culture heavily uses body painting and it explains things about each person: thought process, way of life, and feelings. Anothe... ... middle of paper ... ...omo sapiens in Africa and migrated in mass migrations to all parts of the world. The Aboriginals crossed the land bridge from Asia to Australia, which is said to have existed 45,000 to 50,000 years ago. From their arrival they developed a culture and many ways of life. When the British convicts arrived to Australia they caused many struggles among the Aboriginals. They were treated similarly to the Native Americans and much of their cherished land was taken over. The population of the Aboriginals has immensely decreased. They only make up less than three percent of the Australian population. There are 460,000 Aboriginals today. In conclusion, the Australian Aboriginals have a complex culture developed over the years. Art, hunting, beliefs, language are all aspects to their culture. They cherish the land they believe was given to them by the mystical beings.

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