The Auschwitz Death Camp

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The holocaust was a horrific period of time where unbelievable criminal acts were carried out against the Jews, Gypsies, and other racial gatherings. These defenseless individuals were sent from unsanitary ghettos to death camps, one being Auschwitz. The Auschwitz death camp comprised of three camps, all in which are placed in Poland. Numerous forms of extermination came about overtime to speed up the killing process. Life at the death camps was cut short for those who weren’t fit to work; such as the elderly, women, the mentally disabled, and young children. The others were put work while being starved to death. Experiments were held on dwarfs, twins, and other misfits were carried out by Josef Mengele. These inhuman acts against the Jews were all held in secret from society by the Nazis until liberation day.
Before the Jews were taken from their home and placed in to the ghettos, they were brutally targeted by the Germans. They were forced to wear the yellow armbands with the Star of David in order for the Nazis to label them as Jewish. Ghettos were closed city districts where the Germans forced Jews to live under miserable conditions. Ghettos isolated Jews by separating them from non-Jewish communities. After the Ghettos, the Jews were sent to concentration camps, Auschwitz being the largest of its kind; The Jews were driven into small box cars and deported to the death camps for extermination.
Auschwitz was comprised of three death camps, all in which are located in Poland. In May of 1940, Auschwitz I was built. Auschwitz I was equipped with a gas chamber and crematorium for elimination of small groups. Experiments by Josef Mengele were held at Auschwitz I. One thing that Auschwitz was known for was the labor work. A famou...

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...s dwarfs, those with two different eye colors, those with birth defects and he also took an interest in pregnant women where he would perform vivisections prior to sending them to the gas chambers.
At the end of WW2, millions had died while in the concentration camps. For five years, Nazi SS Soldiers were allowed to terrorize and kill millions of people. Most of the killing was conducted at Auschwitz. There were three camps specifically designed for a huge purpose under Auschwitz. With the new finding of Zyklon B, the extermination rate skyrocketed. Auschwitz alone was responsible for 1.1 million deaths, 960,000 of the 1.1 million were Jews. The Nazis inflicted such incredible pain for these helpless victims, before being murdered, they were brutally tortured and degraded. On January 22, 1945, the Nazi Concentration Camp, Auschwitz, was liberated by the Soviets.
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