The Atomic Bomb Is The Power Of The Atomic Bomb

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Travis Ching Mr. Perih World Civ 9(5) 7 May 2014 Bombs Away! Boom! As B-29 fighter planes are in the air, a bright flash quickly engulfs the city. Citizens look toward the flash but are deleted instantly. They don’t know what hit them. This is the power of the Atomic Bomb. The Atomic Bomb is one of the most powerful military weapons with a very strong destructive force. In World War II, the United States didn’t enter the war to preserve their isolation until an event occurred. In 1941, Pearl Harbor in Hawaii, was bombed by the Japan, which were the Axis power (enemies). This is when the United States enters the war. The bomb was created in 1945, during World War II, to force Japan to surrender. Japan’s surrender may have been from the progress the scientist made during the Manhattan Project. The Manhattan Project was founded in 1942 by the United States government to create a fission (nuclear) bomb (Kroenig). The first idea of a fission bomb was during 1938 when two scientist named Enrico Fermi and Leo Szilard discovered the power of fission in uranium (Astore). In 1939, there was a possibility that Germany had the same idea and started researching on making a fission type bomb in an Arms race competition. An Arms race is when a country battles another country for status by having stronger and better weapons. In this race, it was for the creation of the fission bomb. Albert Einstein was also one of the scientists working on fission type reaction. Something different about Einstein is that he is from Germany, a country from the Axis power, and is helping the United States. He is helping the United States instead of Germany because he moved to the United States before Hitler became leader. In 1944, the United States knew Ger... ... middle of paper ... ...knows the United States has the power to use fission bombs. “It was not the bomb itself that caused surrender but it was the experience of what an atomic bomb does” (Stimson). The Manhattan Project totaled to a cost of two billion dollars. They were able to create fission bombs that changed the look and destruction of war (Stimson). With Japan’s surrender, World War II was coming to an end. The emperor was looked down by a small groups but was later subdued. With this great power comes a great responsibility. An all out nuclear warfare could destroy humanity. To make sure a nuclear warfare doesn’t happen, treaties were made so no country would fire a nuclear weapon unless they wanted to strike first which would result in the start of a nuclear warfare. Now that most countries possess nuclear weapons, everyone must watch each other before another World War starts.
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