The Atomic Bomb

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In this paper, it will be discussed why the Atomic Bomb is the biggest method of destruction known to man. The paper will be discussing the results of the Atomic Bombs, along with the effects years after the initial explosion. People always wonder how many people actually died in the two Atomic Bombs which were dropped in Japan. This question will be answered, along with the method that citizens were actually killed by the bomb. Besides the initial blast winds that an Atomic Bomb gives off, people may be killed by several other things including heat rays, radiation and the implosion of their home. Robert S. Oppenheimer, was the father of the Atomic Bomb. After Albert Einstein stated that if the Nazi’s made a nuclear weapon first, the results would be devastating. Due to this, Oppenheimer decided to race to develop such a weapon, before the Nazi’s. On August 6, 1945, the first Atomic Bomb used in warfare, was dropped on Hiroshima, Japan. U.S. President, Harry Truman ordered the dropping of the Atomic Bomb, on what he reported would only destroy military bases. The devastation turned out to be nothing like anybody had ever seen before. On August 2, 1945 "20th Air Force attacks targets in Japan on 6th August. Primary Target…Hiroshima…". At this point, only the direct order of President Truman could stop the dropping of the bomb. As it turned out, Truman thought nothing of the sort. His intention was to bomb Hiroshima, and nothing was going to stop him. The bomb which was dropped on Hiroshima was nicknamed "Little Boy" Three days later, another bomb was dropped on Nagasaki, Japan. The bombing of Nagasaki completely wiped out the northern part of the city. The nickname for this bomb was called "Fat Man". There are a few reasons why these two cities each have different nicknames. The Nagasaki bomb did not destroy as much as the Hiroshima bomb, nor did it kill as many people. So then why is the Nagasaki bomb called the "Fat Man" and the Hiroshima bomb called "Little Boy". The "Fat Man" was made of plutonium and consisted of twenty-two kilotons of TNT. As for the "Little Boy", it was made of uranium, and was made up of only thirteen kilotons of TNT. Even though the Hiroshima bomb was not made up to do even near the amount of damage as the Nagasaki bomb, it turned out that did more damage. T... ... middle of paper ... ...t it was going to kill 150,000 people. That was the amount of people that died from the detonation, but there are still thousands of people today that are still suffering from the bomb. It is very hard to imagine what it was actually like to have a bomb hit the ground, and instantly terminate your life. Imagine sitting in your house while watching television and then suddenly you hear a loud boom, and your house starts to burn up from the heat rays and then caves in on you from the blast. There isn’t much that the world can do about the atomic bomb right now. All that we have to hope for is that we all learned from history of the Atomic Bomb and we won’t make the same mistake again. WORKS CITED 1. Blow, Michael. The History of the Atomic Bomb. New York: American Heritage Publishing Co., Inc., 1968. 1.Daniel, Clifton. Chronicle of the 20th Century. New York: Chronicle Publications, 1987. 3. Shigematsu, I. ed. Effects of the A-Bomb Radiation on the Human Body. Tokyo: Bunkodo Co., Ltd., 1995. 4. Steinberg, Ralph. Postscript From Hiroshima. New York: Random House, Inc., 1965 . 1.Internet- 1.Internet-

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