The Atomic Bomb

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The Atomic Bomb

In 1945, such a mechanism was created. The atomic bomb was created after many years of the study of atoms. Finally, a way to split the atoms was born. Germany was the first to try making a bomb. Efforts failed, but were picked up by the United States. Albert Einstein, although credited as the father of the atomic bomb, only lent support to begin American development. As it was to be, Robert Oppenheimer was the father of the atomic bomb. He directed the laboratory at Los Alamos, where the atomic bomb was designed and built. The whole development in the making of an atomic bomb was called the Manhattan Project. The first bomb was tested on July 16, 1945 in New Mexico. The end result was the dropping of two atomic bombs by the United States on Hiroshima. People had different opinions on the bomb, but they may have come to one conclusion had they known about the history of the atomic bomb, how it was created, and the effects the bomb had in the economy.

The Germans tried to use this energy, as did the United States and Russia. Americans spent billions of dollars on the Manhattan Project, headed by J. Robert Oppenheimer. This project was held in Los Alamos, New Mexico. The bomb produced a huge explosion. Although this explosion was spectacular, the deadly force of an atomic bomb was shown when the United States dropped an atomic bomb on Hiroshima during

War II. The bomb destroyed the city. Then again on August 9th, a bomb dropped on Nagasaki. The devastation was widespread and quick. The economy was utterly a disaster.

The atomic bomb was created to be mass destructive. This was self-evident when the United States dropped two atomic bombs on Japan. This decision was made by Harry S. Truman. Knowing how an atomic bomb is created, its' history and the effects it had on the economy could help people realize the reasoning behind such a bomb. These bombs were made for a purpose. Robert Oppenheimer was the father of the atomic bomb, although Albert Einstein received a lot of credit for his work with the startup of atomic bombs. The Manhattan Project, based in Los Alamos, was a very keen organization that helped the United States become a world power. Over one hundred thousand workers took in this project. People that were not only contributing for personal gain, but for the pride of their country.
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