The Atkins Diets: The Fad Diet By Omar Isa Block

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Fad diet essay By: Omar Isa block:5 Atkins diet: The Atkins diet was invented by Dr. Robert Atkins. It is a “low carbohydrate” fad diet. This diet is considered a “fad diet” because it does not really help you to lose fat weight and instead makes you lose water weight. It basically states that you will lose weight in a matter of no time even though you don't really lose weight, you just lose water weight in that diet. The Atkins diet was created in 1963 and released in 1972. The Atkins diet is a 4 phase plan. The first phase is you eat under 20 grams of carbs per day for 2 straight weeks and Eat a high fat, high protein, with low-carb vegetables. The second phase is to slowly add more nuts and low-carb vegetables and…show more content…
The fourth and last phrase is when you can eat as many healthy carbs as your body can use without regaining all that weight again. The weekly cost of this diet is $102.52. This diet is advertised to mainly women to cut the shugars. Also this diet claims that you can lose up to 6-10 pounds in the first two weeks. Also this diet can cause you to have stomach and sleeping problems. This diet is kind of unhealthy because the Atkins diet says that you don't need to avoid fatty cuts of meat or trim off excess fat rather than controlling carbs is what's important. The Atkins diet is not a good way to achieve a healthy weight for a long time ( long term). Their are not really any special foods in the Atkins diet and their are only just low carb recipes. The Atkins diet was basically advertised in newspapers and on tv commercials. Also the Atkins diet could stop or prevent diabetes to happen to you and could control cholesterol levels for you. I think this fad diet is not bad but still not good. I say that because…show more content…
first off both diets are fad diets and they both dont make you lose real weight that people are trying to lose , it just makes you mostly lose water weight . Also they both are low carb, high-protein diets. Both diets also are advertised on tv’s and commercials. Also both diets make you feel less hungry and eat less. Now lets start giving differences. The Atkins diet was released in 1972 while the Zone diet was released in 1999. Also the weekly cost for the Atkins diet is $102.52 while the zone diets costs $92.84 weekly. Also the Atkins diet states that you can lose up to 6-7 pounds in the first 2 weeks while in the Zone diet it states that you can lose up to 1 to 1.5 pounds during your first week. Also the Zone diet can make you have kidney problems while the Atkins diet could make you have stomach and sleeping problems. The Atkins diet is used in 4 phrases and is way more organized than the Zone diet because in a Zone diet, there's not really phases and you just eat healthy. Also the Atkins diet may treat or prevent diabetes and could help balance cholesterol levels. Also in the Zone diet, it is mainly about getting energy for things while in the Atkins diet it is mainly about losing weight even though you really don't lose real fat weight. In a Zone diet you have to eat 5 meals a day. That was me comparing and contrasting the Atkins diet from the Zone diet. Now in the next page I am going to
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