The Assessment And Planning Process Of Public Health

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Week six concentrated on the assessment and planning processes that result in the policies, programs, and services that public health professionals use to intervene in major public health problems. I also noticed and learned the importance of the stakeholders to the successful outcome of community projects. I realized that the people who live and work in the communities are the most affected by the assessments, plans, and interventions enacted by the public health department and hence, must be included in the decisions processes of proposed projects. Also tested this week was my ability to write a profession paper about public health issues, it was an enormous task but I successfully completed the task of writing a professional paper and Lessons learned will be helpful in future all aspect of my career in the future (“ Week 6 MPH,” 2016). Week six introduced me to the process called MAPP or Mobilizing for Planning and Partnerships. To reiterate the importance of MAPP, I evaluated the vision of the Hudson County health officials for the residents of the county and also elaborated on the enactment of the County’s community health needs assessment. For this assignment, I also evaluated the strategic planning process proposed by the County for improving the health of their community and the strategic use of MAPP by the Hudson County to identify critical health issues in the County. In the end, I was able to understand how the Hudson County health care officials were able to achieve the task of improving the critical health issues identified through the MAPP processes (“ Week 6 MPH,” 2016). During this, I also learned why hospitals perform community health needs assessments and plans. Additionally, I was enlightened... ... middle of paper ... ... eight weeks i dedicated to MPH 602, has allowed me to think of my career goals, and has allowed me to think of ways to help the community I serve in much high capacity and be able to influence positive change in the community. I believe the pharmacy department will bring greater credibility to the outreach problem at the institution. Upon speaking to the community liaison, he was excited at the prospect of my proposal about streamlining the medications for senior citizens in our community. So far members of the outreach program feel the plan is a great initiative . Conclusion This course emphasizes the importance of the 13 foundational competencies of the MPH At the end of the course, I was able to understand the 13 foundational competencies of MPH and how the tools and skills gained in this class enhance my future career as a public health professional.
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