The Assassination of John F. Kennedy

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On Friday, November 22, 1963, as gunman Oswald triggered his rifle downward at the crowded Dealey plaza, Texas, two bullets struck Kennedy causing a fatal wound. At 1 p.m, the most accomplished president of the 20th century was pronounced dead. Though there are countless publications about his presidency, few of them had provided readers with a insightful comprehension of both sides of his presidency. Fortunately, Alan Brinkley, a historian from the University of Columbia, with his recently-published work- John F. Kennedy, provided us with a clairvoyant and explicit vision of Kennedy’s figure. The set-up of the book was generally considered a sketch of Kennedy's life consists of seven chapters representing different aspects of Kennedy's life rather than by time-frame. Mr.Brinkley had done much extensive research to reimburse the public with a true political figure who “like most presidents, had good times and bad times, successes and failures”. As most people of his generation do, “Growing up in the Kennedy years” Kennedy’s figure as a “young, handsome, witty, eloquent” president whose book won Pulitzer Prize did disguise many of the president’s shadow side. While the book succeeded in acknowledging Kennedy’s remarkable actions as a president, it revealed many of the shortcomings of Kennedy with his reckless temper, over-caution over the civil right movement and his well-famed wealthy family in support of his election. Differ from most biographies, Mr.Brinkley portraits Kennedy as one of us, a unexceptional man that makes mistakes occasionally and sometime emotional instead of a divined figure who ran the office with perfection. While Kennedy was not ordinarily emotional and agitated in public, he did make an effort to hide... ... middle of paper ... ...s is an extraordinary display of American leadership and remarkable heroism; they also believed in his fashion of public activism and commitment; they fantasized Kennedy's young, handsome and eloquent figure along with his private affairs. While few believe in conspiracy theories opposing the popular opinion, Brinkley stood at the eage of two controversial understandings, reshaping our imagination, giving us a scholartic view of the one who once endowed the nation with confidence and beliefs. It is truly hard to review this era without any political bias, Brinkley did the best of his ability to uncover a true story for his readers, providing them with original aspects of how every decision is made and why. Brinley concluded that "Kennedy has endured as a bright and beckoning symbol of the world..derserved or not, such an important figure in our nation's imagination"
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