The Assassination Of Jfk.

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Who Really Did It On a beautifully sunny, mid 67 degree day in 1963, America as we knew it was about to change forever. November 22, John Fitzgerald Kennedy took a ride in his motorcade with the top down through the Dealey Plaza in Dallas, Texas. Once, the motorcade slowed down to approximately 10 MPH, to take the turn onto Elm street, and it was like time froze. That was the longest stretch of road for many American civilians and the nation as a whole. That afternoon, as crowds gathered in the plaza, there was something that seemed a little off to many people. There was something off with the air, the quiet, the surroundings. As you watched the Zapruder film you can see many odd things occur seconds before the fatal shot. There has been numerous conspiracies about the assassination of JFK. Some of the most well known are the “Umbrella Man”, “Magic Bullet Theory”, “The Grassy Knoll” and the most investigated “Harvey Lee Oswald”. Harvey Lee Oswald was and is one of the most remembered historic “assassin”. He was first considered a suspect after the third shot took place. Witness at the Plaza believe to have seen a man in the 6th floor of the book depository. Once, police started to investigate, they found a rifle, three empty casings and snipers den behind a wall of boxes on the 6th floor.Coincidentally, the only employee that was missing happened to be Oswald. Oswald, had vastly different images of him painted after the assassination. In the movie JFK, Oswald is painted as a pansey. I man that has been mistreated and abandoned his entire life. However they also portrayed him as a strong confident man. In most instances with anyone he had an uncanned persona about him. Something was off in every interaction one would have with h... ... middle of paper ... ...way anyone that was around at the time of the assassination will likely be dead. The information that was collected that day has the truth in it somewhere, or at least it did. Their is no way that Oswald acted alone in any shape or form. To make three fatal shots and kill the beloved president isn 't something one person just thinks of on their own. Oswald was the perfect cover up for the government. If the government wasn 't using Oswald as a pon why was he able to make his way back into America without any questions being thrown his way. The hole assassination and investigation beginning to end left quite a few people with questions. Being an American citizen we should have been able to have all the facts given to us that day. Even today, anything that happens should not be classified. The government wants us to trust them but they do not give us any base to do so.

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