The Assassination Of Abraham Lincoln

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I am studying the assassination of Abraham lincoln because I want to know the impact of his death in order to help my readers better understand how without his leadership reconstruction was stunted. President Abraham lincoln was and still is regarded as one of the best presidents in the history of the united states because of his terrific leadership and unique approach to situations. Lincoln was president of the united states for four years and 1 month before being assassinated by actor john wilkes booth. John wilkes booth was trying to revive the south after the civil war. After the assassination lincolns vice president, Andrew Johnson took office in place of lincoln. This led to some terrible decisions because he was a dictatorial racist who was unable to relate politics with his own ideas. The life before President Lincolns assasination and the rise of Andrew Johnson as president are different as the life before President Lincolns assasination was starting to get better as he had ended slavery and the fight with the south while the rise of Andrew Johnson as president was bad because Johnson allowed black codes to pass and was overall a bad leader. When Lincoln was nine years old his mother his mother died on 1812 of tremetol.His mothers death really impacted him and led him to become more distant from his father and quitely resented the hard work placed on him. After around a year lincolns father remarried to sarah bush johnston.Lincoln quickly bonded with sarah because she was very affectionate and strong Though both his parents were most likely unable to read or write, Sarah encouraged Abraham to read .He finally recieved his education while growing into his manhood. It took him an estimated eighteen months to finish, a f... ... middle of paper ... ...n essence continued a mild form of slavery and restricted many african american rights which they deserved as free citizens. Abraham Lincoln on the other hand made a much more positive and productive impact on the united states as president.Lincoln combined two nations into one and added the possibility of aditional divisions. Lincoln also built the Republican Party into a very strong organization and on January 1, 1863, he issued the Emancipation Proclamation that declared forever free those slaves within the Confederacy which abolished slavery. If it wasnt for lincoln the institution of slavery might have also lasted for several more decades. The Civil War molded the United States into a much more dominant, and free nation than before and without Lincoln’s leadership this transition may not have happened, or would have taken a much longer and more difficult course.
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