The Assassin - Original Writing

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The Assassin - Original Writing Phil Cichloid was the assassin. He was a butler at the nearby Victorian house though this was just a cover up and had been given a contract by the director of a Chars. The plan was to kill Alison so then there will be no rival company for Chars to compete with because Alison put all the money in to the business, therefore Chars would make much more money. The director of Chars had been given a tip off about the merger and had to take action, the only way to do this was to kill Alison. It was the assassin’s first killing but he still remained calm and very professional. The assassin was told to target Alison because she owned a rival business and was also thought of as rich and selfish by lots of jealous people as well as the director of chars. The assassin knew the time and location of when he was going to strike as he was told by the director who knew everything. The director was definitely right in one sense – yes she was rich, but not at all selfish. In fact she was totally opposite. She was a caring, bubbly, and down to earth girl. The house at which Alison was going to meet the manager was quite posh. Though from the outside it looked very dull and isolated this was on purpose, it is so nobody even thought the meeting would take place in a scruffy house therefore no press would be there. The bricks were grey and the windows black with dust. It was raining outside; the ivy on the wall made anyone who came near the house feel trapped and lonely but inside it was totally opposite. It was bright and warm. There was a barn besides the house. The debris of brick from the barn made the field besides the house look like a graveyard. The assassin was lying low behind the house on a hill, known to the locals as death hill because it was so steep you could hardly walk up

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