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The artwork that I picked out was by Edgar Degas Interior. It was created between 1868–1869 and can be found at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. I picked this artwork because when I took Intro to Art in my freshmen year this artwork appealed to me because of its mysteriousness and agitation. When I looked at other works of arts by Degas I found this one very striking. There are no clear clues or answers to the questions that are raised when one looks at this work by Degas which makes it very unique. “Edgar Degas seems never to have reconciled himself to the label of “Impressionist,” preferring to call himself a “Realist” or “Independent”” (Schenkel 2000). The Interior is from realism period because of it 's style and accuracy of objects and the overall visual appearance. Characters in the painting are shown in their social setting which presents the audience with an idea of who they are looking at. Many of the works from this time period show women in a negative light which can be seen in this painting. Women were shown to be dependent or were shown to be objects which can again be seen in Interior. The painting is 81.3 x 114.3 cm. I wasn’t expecting it to be big because in pictures it seems to be smaller in size. The media used to paint this is oil paint and the texture of the painting was impasto and provided a smooth view. The painting consists of dark palette with vivid colors and bold brush strokes. The painting is framed (114.3 × 148.6 × 10.8 cm) with light color frame which has intricate yet bold design. The frame of the painting provides the idea of a division between reality and the painting. It gives a rich and high class look. Additionally, it helps us focus on the painting and its color. In the museum the Interio... ... middle of paper ... ...Technology is helpful in viewing artworks as sometimes we can not access the artwork. However, I believe based on technology such as a digital image of an artwork is likely to miss the important aspects. When we see a work of art we can truly tell its size, texture, color, composition and placement. It makes it easier for us to judge and share our perspectives through physically watching the work of art. I would like to go visit more artworks by Degas now that I understand the limitations of reproductions. It will be interesting to actually see more of his works in reality and experience the differences between images and actual artwork again. I 'm specifically interested in examining sculptures by him. I want to go to United Kingdom and check out Little Dancer of Fourteen Years by Degas. I believe sculptures are hard to analysis through a photograph image or print.

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