The Artualization Of Magic In Toni Morrison's Beloved (1987)

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This paper examines the conceptualization of magic in Toni Morrison’s Beloved (1987). The study will concentrate on Morrison’s colonial style that corresponds to the technical literary styles. Yet, this style will be solely the repetitive narrative structure. Consequently, a number of thematic issues will be taken into consideration in the course of the analysis. One of these issues is the use of magic in her novel. As a matter of fact, Morrison is a milestone literary figure that uses magic in the majority of her works. She deals with magic in her fiction to deliver certain literary messages concerning colonialism. Accordingly, the study will focus on the colonial aspects of the novel and how Morrison depicts colonialism in the universal context of narrative structure. For this reason, two colonial ideas will be approached. They are slavery and racism. The study is going to shed light of the influence of racism and slavery on the colonized Blacks and the white colonizers’ oppressive agendas to subjugate the colonized Blacks.…show more content…
The blacks resort to magic in order to be free of colonial confines (20). The blacks feel that they are inferior to their white colonizers. As such, they begin searching for salvation form colonialism (24). Therefore, they use magic for the sake of peace and “psychological tranquility” that they long lost during the colonial attacks. The novel’s colonial atmosphere offers gloomy hints about colonialism and how it might negatively affect the colonized people psyches (24). As a sequence, colonialism imposes sever psychological complication that gradually destruct the colonized people’s psyches. In this sense, colonialism is depicted as the main source of psychic complication that should be amended by using “traditional” tools of resistance
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