The Arts: The Importance Of The Arts

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In today 's generation, the arts have grown to have such little importance, and with the arts becoming less important the creativity of the generation becomes less as well. With the arts becoming less and less important throughout the decades, the students who will not be subjected to art will be paying the consequences without even realizing it. Without students growing up and learning the basic or more extensive skills used in the arts, the student will become less creative. A generation without the necessary skills learned from basic art classes will ultimately end up less successful. From early on children and students learn beneficial and necessary skills from their art classes without realizing it. “Although arts and music programs tend…show more content…
If the arts were not taught in schools then an even larger amount to not graduate high school and with less high school graduates there are less hardworking and successful citizens. “The arts can help instill self-discipline, sharpen problem-solving skills and show how to work together with others,” (Watts). If a person is not taught to have self-discipline, problem-solving skills or how to work with others then that person will have trouble while working in today 's workforce. No matter what job or career someone obtains the person will in some way have to develop at least one of these skills to get by. Therefore, for children to become successful in their future work or career they must also develop the skills needed to work in their future career as well. And this includes developing these skills at a young age through art classes. But without art classes a student will have a lesser chance of developing self-discipline skills, problem-solving skills and the patience to deal with other
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