The Article On The Constitution

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A shout out should be given to the 55 men who took their time and wrote out the basic rules we follow in our daily lives. The constitution. If it were not for these men our country would not be the same. The constitution has so many parts that are great and very effective and should remain untouched, but there are various tidbits, that are outdated that, could use small changes that would make the constitution as effective as the first day it was in effect. The constitution begins with the preamble. It gives a short summary of what to expect in the rest of the constitution. Think of it like reading the back cover of a novel, it gives a very dry summary. One section of the preamble states, “in Order to form a more perfect Union”. This part of the preamble is a very effective. Not only does it sum up the whole constitution into one sentence, it helps the US see why the constitution is so important. It is strategically placed in the preamble to help whoever is reading the constitution keep that thought in mind. It helps the reader realize the real purpose of the constitution. There are many countries in our world today that have a government with unbalanced power. Luckily the US does not have to deal with that thanks to the first 3 articles of the constitution. The Judicial branch, the Legislative branch, and the executive branch. These three branches compose of our government and they all balance each other out. It is a big circle. If one branch starts to get too much power, the others can prevent it from getting out of hand. Though this may sound all good and dandy there are some parts of each branch that need improving. Article one focuses on the Legislative branch. This branch 's’ responsibilit... ... middle of paper ... ...ic. After that time is up the house , congress, and the supreme court can decide if this president is doing good or harm for the country, if they agree that he/she is doing good , the president can stay for the full 4 years, if not the president is impeached and a new election occurs and the government uses the state 's college to vote. I feel like this amendment would help out the country a lot. First off it would help get rid of any bad presidents relatively quick, and help both the government and the US population play a part in the future of the country. We are lucky to have the constitution. Even though there are many parts that may be outdated and need major repairing, they are still better than most societies around the world, such as Korea, or Iran. The constitution has helped our society for 30 years, and hopefully with a few minor changes, 250 more.
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