The Art of Intrusion

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Most U.S. citizens associate the word hacker with the concepts of cyber criminals, cyber terrorism and cyber warfare. A large percentage of the population list the names of cyber insurgent groups like Anonymous, LulzSec and the Syrian Electronic Army, and almost every American believes that China and their cyber army is a possible threat to American safety. The largest cyber force in existence the Chinese cyber army. Hackers were not originally online scam artists, software thieves, and news website vandalists. At the heart of hacking was a group of people that wanted to test bounds of the computer and cyberspace. Over the past few decades, with the growth of hacking and the lack thereof, court precedence and legislation related to the matter has allowed for many hackers to get away with many malicious cyber-attacks. However, in order to prove its point, the United States courts have caused collateral damage to select individuals in order to make an example of many young hackers with one of those being Kevin Mitnick.

About the Author
Kevin Mitnick was a legendary hacker deemed by one website I read to have been the most wanted hacker through the mid-90s, he is a legendary phone phreaker and social engineer and used to enjoyed collecting stolen software licenses from companies. Mitnick was sentenced to slightly under four years in prison for his mischief. However, there certainly is no need to feel sorry for him as since the termination of his sentence he has become a renowned computer and cyber security consultant for both the private and public sector, and has published three books on hacking and cyber security.

Purpose of this Essay The most legitimate way for the public to learn about hackers presently is through the reading of black hat hackers turned white hat security professional, for example the writers, Kevin Mitnick (The Art of Deception, The
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