The Art of Hacking

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The art of hacking

The world of hacking cannot be placed into clearly defined positive or negative categories. When people hear the word hacker they tend to think about someone that defies or breaks the law. Everything in life has two sides of it the good and the bad, that is how people can understand a subject if they see both sides. Hackers can cause havoc around the world within the systems they get into just to get what they wish. On the other hand hackers are an essential help when we are in trouble and someone needs to find info inside a cellphone to try and help if someone is missing. There are two kinds of hackers; the most familiar is described as a criminal, dangerous and devious. The other kind is not as familiar and behaves in more ethical ways.


A hacker is defined as a computer enthusiast or a microcomputer user who attempts to gain unauthorized access to proprietary computer systems ( Another definition found

Criminal Hacking

Criminal Hackers terrorize the world using their computer skills to make viruses that can damage a computer. They also hack companies, security systems, people’s computers for their own pure desire to do evil etc. Absolutely anyone can be a victim to these kinds of hackers. Some hackers may have specific targets but anyone can still end up being hacked.

One example of bad hackers is what happened worldwide to Target companies. Target was hacked and millions of people’s credit card information was stolen (Riley, 2014). Many people think that the ones that hacked target hacked it because target gave away information, in reality they were as victim as the ones who’s information was stolen (Riley, 2014). Someone installed malware in Target's security and payme...

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