The Art of Generosity: Finding the Greatness to Give [Science Fair]

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Generosity. It’s what you call when you give, out of your own wealth, whether physical like money, or mental wealth, by just by smiling to someone), to others around you, or even to people halfway around the world who you have no idea exist. This can be in secret, or be publicly announced, but as long as the intention is right, the reward is immense. Many people claim to be generous, saying that they give a big chunk of their wealth to charity, but that does not necessarily mean they are doing it sincerely. They could just be giving to charity so they appear nice to the society. However, putting that aside, there is a burning question that many people want to know about this broad characteristic: “What makes us want to give, and what is so good about giving?” Well, that’s two questions, but those two questions are very similar and so must both be assessed to thoroughly give an answer. Yes, everyone must be thinking, if someone gives something of his, doesn’t it just take away something from him, doing nothing but harming him? Well, believe it or not, there is a tremendous amount of equally tremendous benefits that come from being generous to all people alike. And when these benefits are presented, the first part of the question will be already, for the most part, answered. Now, first, before we even go near that question, let’s examine the history of the word ‘generosity’. The original use, which was in the 16th century, came from the Latin word generosus, meaning of noble birth. It was given only to someone who belonged to nobility, meaning that he/she was from a noble family. However, during the 17th century, the meaning began to change. From that point on, the word slowly but steadily started to become a title given to someone... ... middle of paper ... ... a third-world country, or just a few dollars to a charitable organization; but whatever it is, have the right intention. Do not have the intention that, “people will see that I am so generous if I do this and I will become popular”. Instead, the intention should be, “I am helping someone that is in need more than me, and I will also make myself happy and not guilty by doing this.” Now go out there and make the world a better place; not only helping the world, but also helping yourself and others around you! Works Cited

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