The Art of Film Making

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A film relies on the way directors have adapted their visions to the screen. When film first began there became a standard on how the film was filmed, and how the story was told. This led to the beginning of alternative practices in cinema. Stylistic devices that are found in alternative cinema led to the deconstruction of the classic Hollywood practice. These alternative film styles come about because of the extension of meaning. In alternative film every aspect of the film was put there for a meaning, and purpose. Film is a visual medium that has certain characteristics that work well for its way of storytelling. Unlike other mediums such as novels, the imagination in film is already created for the viewer, and in a novel the readers have to create it themselves. Films take away the options of thought. Films supply us with the reality by having images and the use of montage. “The classical Hollywood style is itself a stylistic structure, a set of stylistic rules that governs the particular kinds of films that can be made within it. These rules are designed to make the stylistic structure of Hollywood films invisible, allowing all attention to be focused on the flow of the narrative.” (Jeffrey Geiger and R.L. Rutsky). Even though this is true, it does not mean to say that alternative film practices do not follow any guidelines. It means that these alternative film practices were created in response to the structured classic practices. In the 1950’s there was an emergence of new film practices. It started with the introduction of the French New Wave Cinema. A group of filmmakers who wanted to start creating films that were different than the classic Hollywood Cinema. Andre Bazin was one of these filmmakers, and he started a seri... ... middle of paper ... ...ually darker. When the film is in Joel’s head and is going through his childhood memories and those with Clementine the colors are more bright and vibrant. The sound is another important alternative aspect in this film. Using music and sound in film help complete the film. They offer insight and context to scenes. There are two different types of film sound, diegetic and non-diegetic. Non-diegetic sound is sound that is within the world of the film itself. If sound is diegetic, only the audience can hear this sound and can help build suspense and emotions. Along with sound and music is silence. Silence can add to the reality of the narrative. Silence allows it to speak for itself and allows the audience to see emotion. Sound in this film is very important. Because there is a parallel of two different worlds that of present time, and that in which is in Joel’s mind.
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