The Art of Communication

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Communication is the bridge between all people. The very goal of communication is for the speaker to convey his or her intended message to the receiver. How this happens is the art of communication and changes with the creativity of human beings. Within that, bridge lay depths of meaning, significance, emotion, logic, reason, understanding and empathy just to name of few. If the speaker has what they believe to be important information that they want to tell the receiver, they find a method of conveying that information. Usually this happens through writing or speaking for the speaker and reading or listening for the speaker. In modern times, this bridge between everything happening in the world and domestically has been the mainstream media. In modern times, the media has become the pinnacle of communication. Living in the information age, communication has evolved and developed to a stage where it demands the average citizen to think critically about issues surrounding their lives, their families, their communities, their country, surrounding countries and the world at large. Journalism is the intended goal of the media. Its purpose is to give society a lens as to how they see the world around them. It is a tool that can be the vehicle for political change, social change, bringing attention to and striving for action in ameliorating society's downfalls such as institutionalized racism or the industrialization of the U.S. prison system. This all happens when the citizens themselves know how to critically think, if they don't then the media is a dangerous tool of the powerful that can be abused. The Toronto Star and the Columbia Journalism Review are prestigious news publications with reputations for outstanding professional j... ... middle of paper ... ...political leaders to control. We should be a critically thinking society holding the right to consider multiple perspectives; alternatives, advice, and thought-out decisions by journalists rather than manufactured packaged one-dimensional ideas. It is the media's responsibility to clarify, magnify and the public understand political, economic, social, environmental, and civic issues. We are falling trap to blind ignorance, blatant materialism and the greedy, money-hungry and blood-thirsty ideologies of those that will send young soldiers and innocent civilians to die for the sake of their profit. This is when we know there is a grand canyon between what our leaders are saying, what our medium is portraying and what is being understood. The media is our bridge of communication to everything beyond us; we must not let it break. We must get our message to the other side.
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